anything you can do, i can do better

i’ve made it no secret that i love wendy’s. i hardly consider it fast food. i mean, i know it’s fast food. but i just think it’s really high quality. there *have* been times i’ve eaten shittier meals in my own home.

but there was one thing mcdonald’s recently did that i thought was actually quite snappy. the chicken snack wrap. kudos, mcd. i know i shouldn’t ever be eating there, anyway. but there’s times when i do the bad thing of not eating for a really long time, and then i find myself outside of one before a meeting, realizing i’m famished and i’m getting a headache, and hey. i’d better get SOMETHING in me that isn’t a cookie.

and those snack wraps are pretty fucking tasty and do a pretty good job of faking nourishment. at least better than the mcburgers and fries. so, i was pretty happy with mcd for pulling that out. was it their executive chef that they keep bringing out on tv shows and stuff to show how they’re working on making healthy meals and creating real food? who knows. it might have been him, but it might have been him dicking around in the kitchen one day when he was hungry and grabbed something from a salad and put it in something used for a prototype of a breakfast burrito. which is what i bet happened.

anyway … i go to wendy’s this afternoon while running some errands, and i’m in the drive through … and … THEY HAVE CHICKEN WRAPS! holy lord. what a great thing. wendy’s has the BEST fast food chicken, and now they’ve got mcdonald’s SMOKED. sorry, mcd. booyah!


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