yeah, that’s what i was thinking

there was a story on yahoo news talking about something that i was sure others were talking about (since i don’t watch the news purposely), but that really truly hit me today as i was walking home …

i had been seeing the front of today’s chicago sun-times with hillary’s picture and the big, sensationalist headline “HILLARY SAYS WRIGHT IS WRONG” and i just rolled my eyes at both the sun-times’ pun and the ongoing crap about the primary. but i couldn’t place who/what ‘wright’ was. yeah, i’m that out of it.

then, when i walked past the paperbox on my way home, i gave it a closer look, and i saw that it was reverend wright. oh. THAT? STILL? i thought obama’s awesome speech(1) would have taken care of that. but, no. and as i walked home, i just was hit full square in the chest with the truth of the matter. the democrats have got to knock this shit off. period.

it’s going to be like when your parents say you can go out for ice cream after dinner or to your friend’s house or anything kick ass you and your sibling want to do, and you’re thrilled at the prospect, but it’s clearly on the horizon. and JUST as you’re about to go out of the house, you and your brother or sister get in some stupid fight about something … and there’s a moment where you can see if you shut up, things will be okay and you’ll still get to go. but you’re a kid, and you have to be right, and you punch your brother/sister anyway, and there’s crying and then … OH! no ice cream. no friend’s house.

motherfucker. so, what the fuck. why would hillary even still say something about that anymore? for crying out loud, woman? leave the shit alone. is that truly the sort of politics you want someone to use to decide whether or not they should vote for you or for barack? how about some sort of substantive policy difference?

here’s what i think, and if it’s flawed, it’s flawed. i think that maybe they haven’t had a whole lot of differences in their past votes, and they can point to a few big things that they’ve done differently. i think really it’s going to be about what you THINK they can or will do, and most of that is entirely subjective. do you *think* that hillary has more experience because she was in the white house with bill? cause as a senator, she doesn’t have a fuckload of it. do you think that barack has the potential to heal divides with countries due to his personality, and in part his appeal to peoples of many races and ethnicities? is that something that can be measured? not really. do you think that one personality suits the white house better than the other? based on what?

fact of the matter is, i want barack to win. nearly everyone i am close with and am aligned with politically is of same mind. if there’s a republican out there that’s going to be president, mccain is leagues better than bush. BUT .. i don’t want a republican president, and i don’t want to have one especially if it’s because the democratic party made itself look divisive and petty and fucked up by arguing amongst itself. something’s got to be done. hopefully, sooner rather than later, and hopefully in alignment with the will of the majority of the american people.

(1) i finally got the chance to watch that whole speech on you tube, and not only had tears in my eyes like i do every time i hear him speak, but was nearly bawling at the end. oh, barack.


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