smober. s’mores.

commenter in re: smobriety — “is that like sober, but with marshmallows, grilled over an open fire?”

it’s like sober but with cigarettes.

on the fire tip: i really don’t care for marshmallows so much. if they’re in things, like rice krispie treats, delish. but, generally the idea of a roasted marshmallow really *sounds* so much more appealing than it ever turns out to be.

in that, i have avoided s’mores for many years, deciding that i am not a fan of roasted marshmallows (not to mention stickiness, which i have a minor phobia of. long story? yes.). however, at the most recent annual sober campout at the smussy estate (ha!), my dear girlfriends decided they were making s’mores and i DEFINITELY needed to have one.

and by god, you melt those biotches on some chocolate on a graham cracker and they are some fucking goodness. some. fucking. goodness. i had left these on the back burner so long ago. what a bad move.


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