thank you, girl on the red line

thank you, girl going southbound on the red line with me this afternoon. thank you from the bottom of my heart. thank you with every cell in my body. at one point, i heard you say to your friend, “i don’t feel good.” i heard it, and took it in, but it wasn’t a real concern. perhaps you ate something bad and were starting to feel icky and were letting your friends know. perhaps you were a little motion sick. it wasn’t a big deal.

maybe you were talking about it some more, but i started to doze a little bit. however, at clark and division, i heard you tell your friend, “i’m going to get off at the next stop and get on another train.” uh-oh. this was a problem, girl. i’ve had that problem. it happened once or twice when i was drinking and in the mornings i was hungover pretty badly. (funny, because i told people for YEARS and even in sobriety that i didn’t get hangovers.) sometimes, i didn’t get a seat or the train was too crowded or it was too hot or all of the above. and i just felt shaky and nauseated and light-headed and BAD. and maybe i wouldn’t make it all the way downtown and maybe i ought to get some fresh air NOW. so i did. maybe once or twice.

the other time was when i was sick off my manic-depression med and i nearly passed out, and i had to get off the train before i went down. and when you said that, girl, i knew you were in some sort of distress. when i heard your friend say, “we only have two more stops, girl” i wanted to punch her in the face. because i didn’t want you to get sick on the train, especially while standing right. in. front. of. me. i’m selfish, not to mention maybe i would have thrown up, and then it’s all the pie scene in ‘stand by me’ and shit.

you stood up, and stood your ground. you said, “i can’t wait. i’m getting off.” i was happy, both because you were taking care of yourself and because the chances that you were going to get sick on the train were lessening greatly. however, the fact that you stood up scared me some. what if you passed out? what if the train motion made you more sick? what if many other bad things happened that involved the two?

i was so glad that the red line has gotten back to its old self underground and was kicking ass and taking names between clark/division and chicago avenue. even still, i was silently urging it to go faster and faster toward chicago avenue, so that you could get relief and i wouldn’t have to see any vomit action. one of your friends finally got her head out of her ass and said, ‘i’ll get off with you.” duh. and as it looked that you were really getting off and another friend was going to accompany you, it seemed that your friends didn’t want to get split up, and so they all got off with you at chicago ave.

it looked like you guys were going to all get on the escalator and head up to street level, where i hoped you would get a soda and fresh air and something to help you settle your stomach. alas, i saw your friends do a quick double take ball shuffle change when you went right for the garbage can and yakked it up right there. but, girl, thank you SO much for not getting sick on the train. i don’t know why you weren’t feeling well, but thank you for making it off the train and to the garbage can. i hope you feel better.

girl with a vomit phobia and a terrible gag reflex in re: choaching


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