i’m really going to need some help

lucy and i are getting along well, but she and i are like two people who really want to know each other, but are really awkward together at first. i go to imovie and iphoto, and although they seem really intuitive on some level, i struggle to really make them work like i want to. and there are things that seem like they should be there in my windows mind, and at least to my limited understanding, aren’t.

so, it’s okay … i want her and love her, and i’m willing to work all of this out. but i am going to need some help, methinks. i’ve heard there’s mac classes and stuff for free at the apple store, so i think i’m going to have to check some of those out. because i really want to get cracking with some of this stuff. and i don’t want to feel frustrated about any of this.

me and luce will get it figured out, but i hope it’s sooner rather than later.


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