i’m weird

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, originally uploaded by smussyolay.

the people i work with have yet another reason to think i’m a weirdo. since the place i work at is RIGHT next door to an el stop that is *not* in fact, elevated, the cta workers frequently come and park their vehicles near our door. this was not taken recently, but is a perfect example of the kind of picture i love to take of the cta vans. all of them are so specific to each particular worker. they make me laugh. and i’m so intrigued to see how many different kinds of pictures/workers i can collect. but my co-workers just think it’s weird when i see a new one and jump up, exclaiming, “oooh! technology.” i also always wonder what the people IN the van always think.

oh well. the cta also has launched this big ‘mystery shopper’ thing where you can carry around these comment cards and write to them telling them what you saw. i can’t imagine this will have any impact on anything, since even when you call customer service, i have this vision of them nodding and hmmming while they text people on their cell phones or mildly doze as you talk. seriously. what do they care?

anyway, now that lucy and are are starting to build a relationship, i should start to begin a regular download schedule of photos. i STILL have shit on there from fall of last year. besides, i need to start my collage of ‘inflatable season’ photos. the neighbors have yet to disappoint me. i wonder how they’re going to handle this season’s quick change between st. patrick’s and easter. good luck, g’s.


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