stephen colbert’s got a pretty sweet job

i just watched stephen colbert interview george mcgovern. truthfully, i’ve heard that name bandied about my whole life, and i don’t think i could have told you if he was a democrat or a republican. well, he’s a democrat who was pretty famous for a couple of pretty disastrous tries at the presidency, losing to richard nixon terribly.

i guess people have been making comparisons about mcgovern and obama … their same ‘idealism,’ their calls to get out of pointless wars, their popularity with the youth vote. but mcgovern said that he didn’t see why someone couldn’t be both an idealist and realistic at the same time. even more importantly, and the thing that made tears spring to my eyes (maybe he and obama *are* similar in nature!), was that he said he was working on a book about lincoln and that he didn’t know of a more idealist president. and then the thing he said that totally got me in the heart was that he was idealist because he lived by the declaration of independence and the constitution and thereby, also the bill of rights — and what higher ideals were those?


anyway, i started this post ages ago, and now it’s 2 am. gah. my brain’s broken. got the computer, and my brain’s atrophied. great.


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