new every day

you know how they say “you learn something new every day?” well, lately i’ve been learning something fairly significantly new every day. something i am fairly shocked to learn or really had no idea about or am really excited to learn. it’s fun. i am coming out of my funk. i’m glad about it. even though i still feel very overweight and out of control with food and money and all that crap, people are all of a sudden remarking that i “look great” and “look fucking awesome” and “something’s changed” and “smussy’s back” and stuff like that. and you know what? i feel that way. i feel like i’m back. the weather is pretty grueling still, but there’s this obama hope and there’s maybe just a psychic change happening unbeknownst to me. cycles and all.

anyway, i’ve been on a streak of learning new things. the other day, i found out my friend was in a band. i had no idea he was in a band. turns out he is, AND they play in my hometown now and again. in fact, the last time i was visiting my parents, they played in good old wind lake. freakout. and the very next morning, i was eating breakfast in the very same establishment (note: the breakfast sat nasty and heavy in me all day and made me feel nauseated all day. blah.). so that was weird.

i found out about how identical triplets are formed the other day. that the cells can divide twice each and form quadruplets and one can die, or the egg can split into two, and then one of them can split again. freaky. triplets are hard to come by. my friend, julie, is an identical triplet.

and today, while looking to see if it was a full moon, i found out that the full moons all have names. and then i saw where nick drake got the premise for ‘pink moon,’ and i saw that last year we actually had a ‘blue moon,’ and i figured out why they’re so rare (two in one month, i guess). and that there’s an official ‘harvest moon.’ but why is march a ‘worm moon?’ god. that’s like my #1 song of my birth week being ‘seasons in the sun.’ grrr. stupid terry jacks.

anyway, i feel like i’m coming out of the blah.


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