danger, danger, will smussy

so … the whole time i’ve had this blog i’ve considered various scenarios whereby my mom and dad find this thing and all hell breaks loose. because i talk about them. because of the things i’ve said about myself. because i have a big old blog. who fucking knows. it could be kind of bad. who knows.

but i keep on blogging and hope for the best. but i also know that it could be out there, given that various high school people have found me and whatnot. i definitely have done my best to go back and eliminate any reference to my real first or last name, not only to keep in line with AA traditions, but hopefully to also save my ass.

well, something wonderful and potentially fucktastic has occurred. my parents are coming into the 21st century. my mom already texts and my dad has a celly, but they’re going to get a laptop. i guess my mac purchase invigorated them. that, and their friends all have them. i’m glad, cause my dad is retired and he needs to get up-to-date with the world wide web, people. he needs to be able to google and ebay and wiki and all that shit. he could be more dangerous than he already is, but as i’ve shown him, i can give his know-it-all-ness the wiki smackdown when necessary.

i’m hopefully counting on his internet naivete to keep them both away from me. yet, my mom obviously gets some information passed down to her, as she informed me if i google my home number, there’s a google street view of our house. (seriously? they’ve google street viewed wind lake?) she didn’t like that, but what are ya gonna do?

so, that’s that. i’m a little nervous to have them in the new millenium, tech wise, but i’m glad they’ll be able to join the rest of the world in all the new information and goodness. let’s hope he doesn’t check out any porn. please, dear, god.


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