i hope the onion gets on this …

my onion headline would be “sharper image refuses its own gift cards; larry david co-opts others’ misfortune for the next ‘curb’ episode.”

seriously, when i just read that sharper image isn’t accepting its own gift cards because they’re going bankrupt, i just saw an instant seinfeld or curb your enthusiasm. someone gets this great gift card for a lot of money and then they go to reedem it and they can’t and then they get pissed and go back to the person that gave it to them …. OR … they give it to someone else OR they barter it for something OR …. you know the drill. it just seems like there ought to be a law against this sort of stuff. selling a card for cash that promises your merchandise, and then reneging on it. isn’t that shadesterville?

i’ll pay you tuesday for a hamburger today, except backwards. pay me today, and i’ll give you a hamburger on tuesday. or not. weird.

anyway, it just struck me as the sort of situation that is larry david gold. cause really. imagine you get some awesome gift card and then you go and try to use it and get the total denied smackdown. not only does that suck in general, but then are you gonna be hatin’ on the person who inadvertently gave you a non-christmas/birthday/etc. present? classic.


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