we’re a bunch of sickos

this will only be funny if …

well, it probably won’t be funny at all, but it won’t even stand a chance of being funny if you don’t remember andrew cunanan, serial killer who was most ‘famous’ for killing chicago real estate developer lee miglin and fashion legend gianni versace. it was a weird case at the time, since cunanan was gay and known for having sugar daddies, and i don’t think anyone thought lee miglin was gay at the time*.

well, at some point my friend j and my friend s and i were out to dinner back then and we got on some weird ass tangent and next thing you know, we started plugging cunanan’s name into tv titles ….

cunanan knows best
the cunanan bunch
little house on the cunanan
family cunanans
cunanan pains

you see how this goes … and we were falling down laughing at ourselves. you could plug cunanan in several different spots in a show to see which worked better … would it be

the facts of cunanan?
the cunanans of life?

one day at a cunanan ?
one cunanan at a time?

well, my friend s, was reminded of this and emailed j and i. when i saw ‘cunanan’ in the subject line, i got a chill. i knew that was something bad, but i didn’t know why. oh yeah, serial killer. but i forgot how funny it could be. j responded .. ‘man, so many shows have gone by. reality tv is a goldmine for this.’

oh yes, j. oh yes.

little people, big cunanan.
american cunanan.
one vs. cunanan.
cunanan or no cunanan.
rock of cunanan.
what not to cunanan.
trading cunanans.
csi: cunanan.
are you smarter than a cunanan?
dancing with the cunanans.
america’s next top cunanan.
project cunanan.
the real cunanans of orange county.
make me a cunanan.
flip that cunanan.

yeah. i think part of the reason it’s so funny (to me) is the name cunanan really has a ring to it. anyway. i’m dying over here. i’m a sick fuck.

*maybe his wife did, because i always thought it was weird that after he died, she didn’t take too long to get out on the tv shopping network circuit to start hawking her perfume or jewelry or whatever the hell it was. grieving much, lady?


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