holy wow

i have so many blog post ideas in the hopper, kids. hopefully, my tax refund will allow me to buy the mac and then i’ll be portable at home. yay. that will be so nice. man. that will be so nice. it’ll mean that i’ll be computer attached again, but it will mean i can get my write on.

things on my mind:

my dad’s broken hip
radar magazine
pill heads, in specific heath ledger
puppy bowl
red letter christians
family dynamics
lisa lampanelli
eharmony commercials

yeah. fuckin’ a. some of those are growing out of date, fast. but for fuck’s sake. i don’t get much of a chance to be on the computer blogging when i’m at work. i’m supposed to be working, for work’s sake, AND, i feel like i can barely get that done. and my house and room are a mess.

i had this dream last night that i was back at people scout and they were taking pictures for some print ad campaign they were doing, which is weird, cause they’re a behind the scenes sort of company, and then all of a sudden, it was noon and the whole company shut down and the lights turned off and there was this weird ass evacuation. and then i found myself outside at north/halsted/clybourn with this light, cotton, white skirt on and i was wondering where the hell my jeans went to.

anxiety dreams, anyone?

anyway, i hope to be able to get back here and start blogging with some regularity soon. i miss it.

obama love, anyone. man, that guy makes me fucking swoon. swoon, i say.


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