i have it pretty good

for many reasons, but in looking over some preliminary IRS things (my income isn’t why i have it pretty good), i realize i’m blessed to be able to read and comprehend things that are fairly complicated. they are straightforward in a roundabout way, but if you aren’t a good reader or you don’t have a head for numbers or … well, let’s see. i don’t really have a head for numbers, but … it’s just sort of at some point, i’m able to really slow down and concentrate if i try. and walk through these fuckers step by step. and eventually, i can do them. i can do my own taxes still. and figure out stuff like earned income credit and stuff. follow the flow charts and stuff.

and i’m pretty sure there are a LOT of people who just cannot. they’re functionally illiterate or just have a hard time with such things. they’re not STUPID, but they just have a hard time. and i’m glad that i can figure these things out. i’m not afraid of them.

that’s all. that’s pretty stupid, but i’m grateful for that.


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