i found an unopened, undelivered cmas card inside a library book today. i was eager to see what it was all about. it fell out of the book when i was checking out and the woman checking me out confiscated it when she found out it wasn’t mine!! then, she gave it to the security guard to open (!!) and i lost a potentially cool opportunity.

there was another roaming cat in my neighborhood. once again, i called the number on the tag to make sure he wasn’t lost. i guess i was in such a hurry to do a good deed, i didn’t pay attention to the address. i was two doors down from the guy’s house. why do people let their smussios wander around the city, people? it does make me feel like i have a real neighborhood, but still!

packers/giants this weekend.

god. there was one more thing and i can’t remember what it was. i think it had something to do with food. grr.

*** i remember what it was!! it wasn’t about food at all! so … i saw an ad on the el for elections for a judge. he was a democrat and supported by all these bar associations. but i guess i’ve never really asked this … aren’t judges supposed to be impartial? why do they have political parties attached to them? that seems fucked up.


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