see you around

i just heard dan fogelberg died. sad. this would be a perfect example of music that some might call ‘depressing’ (you know who i’m looking at), but every time i hear it, i feel happy. i don’t know why. the video above is for a song that i just love. i’m sure dan can lead a great band up in heaven*.

*i don’t really believe in some mythical heaven up in the heavens anymore. i use that idea, though, because it’s still a nice way to think of people — somewhere in some nice place with all their happiest moments, favorite people and things. i think it’s just a way for my finite mind to create the best and happiest emotions and feelings. in reality, i just think our spirit and soul is released from our bodies and we are free to start over in another form, which is the freest and most wonderful thing, anyway. but, because i am encumbered by my little mind that is selfish and needy, i still cling to the things and people which surround me, and it’s hard to let them go. so, i make believe i will never have to. thus, heaven.


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