That is why

I hate to pat myself on the back, but I am either slightly crazy or minorly devoted to this blog to sit on this peckin phone to file blog posts. Gah. Oh right, it’s both.

Anyway, 2007 was the year of the baby. And this was long before I started working for the midwives. Although, I guess that reinforced that. Many friends had babies in 2007, and there were tons of women around and about who were pregnant.

One of my nearest and dearest got in just under the wire, and had a son on 12/29/2007. When I talked to her on the phone, I was very happy for her, and very overwhelmed with emotion. When I had a chance to think about it later, it occurred to me that I never thought either one of us would be sober or mothers. I’m sober, she’s a mother. And as of right now, neither one of us has any intention of becoming the other.

But I guess it scares me and awes me and shows me that anything is possible and that we never can tell what life has in store for us. That our best laid plans are often so small and incomplete. And I can’t speak for what all my unintentional musings might mean for her, but it scares the shit out of me because it means maybe I might end up a mother someday. I expect it would be pretty non-traditional, but still.

I only throw it out there because God willing, if I make it to next Saturday, I’ll have been sober six years,and that most defiritely was not on the agenda. Ever.

All that aside, you know how you sometimes identify your love of an artist based on the first album by which you were introduced to them*, rather than their most iconic or popular? Well even though Jellyfish only had two albums, I was became familiar with them via their second album,"Spilt Milk." And aside from a couple of songs** we played at WONC , I really didn’t know their debut, ”Bellybutton." well, this post is borne out of sitting here and becoming familiar with this album and having a "new" Jellyfish album to love. Sometimes ,I’m slow. Besides, a bellybutton is in essence, our scar from being born.

*my biggest case in point — material issue’s ‘destination universe.’

** ‘baby’s coming back’ is one of the finest songs i know.


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