a little late …

not having a computer and being horribly depressed in november meant not a lot of blogging. but i wanted to say that i had the fall-iest fall ever! it was so strange. i don’t know why i never had this experience in any of the other neighborhoods i’ve lived in in chicago, but my lincoln square neighborhood just had SO many trees with SO many colors. the leaves fell down on the ground and stayed so colorful even on the sidewalks and stuff. it was so fall! it was nice. even though i was depressed a lot during that time, it was nice to have all the beautiful colors around me … super yellow and light yellow and orange and red and brown and everything. it was very cool.

just wanted to share the falliest fall story. i’ll have pictures up ONE of these days. man, when i post to flickr eventually, it will be so ridiculous. it will be like my parents. they’ll take disposables or rolls of film to walgreens that have like two years of pictures on them. with people they don’t even know and shit. ridic! anyway. fall wasn’t so horrible with all the leaves.


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