i’m a hijacker

hixx said she was going to tivo rudolph, and then i hijacked her comments:

there were like three on, though, right? there was the one with the heat miser (1) (did you tivo that? my friend jen and i couldn’t remember the story with the heat-y one and the icy one) and there was this one called ‘rudolph and the new year or some shit’ and then this other one called ‘rudolph and the land of the misfit toys’ but it was year 2003 or something and jen said it was an abomination and it was some rick moranis animation fuckall or something.

what happened to the cool burl ives cool claymation (2) one where rudolph ends UP with the misfit toys but it’s just called ‘rudolph the red-nosed reindeer?’

and what about the cool claymation ‘frosty the snowman?’ i guess that was the one with the claymation snowman burl ives. anyway … what was the one with the abominable snowman that has a toothache or something?

man, this needs its own blog post. sorry. you’re just my tv lady.

but … i JUST was talking to jen about this the other day. like monday. like yesterday. so what’s the what, kids? what’s the difference between them all? and i haven’t even GOTTEN to the charlie brown scene. oh charlie. oh linus. i LOVE linus. i have such a crush on linus it’s sickening. seriously.

1) jen says the heat miser reminds her of my dad. this is true on several levels. he kind of gets red in the cheeks sometimes, and he is a TOTAL fucking heat miser. he hates to turn the heat up. god forbid you get caught in the basement for social times in the winter. mega cold. then you end up playing hobo cards and shit. bad news.

(2) according to wiki, that old-school shit is called stop-motion.


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