the hits just keep on coming

well, a miracle was wrought in the music room of schubas last night. something happened that i thought was never possible in my world. it just goes to show you should never count anything out. frisbie made me have a truly blissful moment with and during a led zeppelin song (1). granted, this song and this song are about the only two songs i can really stand without *completely* losing my quit-screaming-why-do-you-have-to-keep-screaming-robert-plant living mind, but i was truly loving this. everyone on stage was having a great time, they were as usual, quintessentally great musicians, and steve was in fine voice.

you can’t ever count things out. like me totally groovin’ on a led zeppelin song on a monday night in chicago in one of the finest places to see music in the world. who knew?

(1) i tried to find the lyrics and looked up ‘fool on the hill’ instead of ‘fool in the rain.’ yeah. beatles trumps zep any day, yo. *any* day. my brain just goes there first.


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