Sitting here thinking about some stuff I want to say. Thinking about what this blog means and why i do it. I guess I do it firstly to get things out of my brain. Put things somewhere else other than between my ears and out into the ether. I do it for selfish reasons. But I’ve seen in AA that I’m not likely to be completely alone/unique in my thoughts and feelings.

I’m hoping that others can relate in some way. that people reading can somehow feel some sort of kinship in the scope of human emotions somewhere along the line. I hope we all somehow end up feeling not so much alone. I love to hear conversations and discussions about anything and everything i say.

no one has to agree with me. I know people might say i am full of shit. I might end up with a bruised ego here or there, but at the end of the day that’s okay. And there’s the trainwreck factor that when I’m messy enough or crabby enough or spiritual enough, there’s a grandiose part of me that thinks I’m just darn interesting enough to watch. If lonelygirl13 or whothefuckever can do it, why not me!?? That’s why i do it.

At this point, i don’t know if those are good/legitimate reasons. I figure read if you want, stop if they’re not. I just want to get back on a regular groove. That will only help.


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