Hit in the head with a blunt object

The few times i find myself in front of a computer I feel like I can’t write or think. But I have so much to say to all well … but I am not sure to whom. I feel like no one will listen or care or understand.

But here I am on the phone saying stuff anyway. when I was I in love with miss mary jane, I was very fond of smoking her up while zoning out on a variety of shows ranging from the simpsons to Felicity to ally mcbeal (remember those?) to the long- term white noise or information from my beloved Weather Channel.

Well as things in my world feel dark and grim these days, I find myself smoking the bong of TV over and over again, to similiarly satisfying and dissatisfying results. The amount of reruns of sitcoms and copious amounts of reality TV shows I consume is shameful for someone who has so many other better things to do.

Yet, just like my addiction to the dank,i can’t seem to let go of the remote in an endless effort to make myself numb to all the worries and emotions that seem to be constantly hanging around these days.

So I’m telling on myself as an episode of Will and Grace plays on in the background. Whee!


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