gratitude in absentia

i’m taking a hiatus all over it seems lately, but the people over at chicagoist were asked to tell the editor what they were grateful for re: chicago. i’m still subscribed to the listserv there, so i sent in a list, since i can’t resist lovin’ on our fair city. however, i’m currently holding the status of persona non grata, and it didn’t make it to the site. chicago deserves as much lovin’ as it can get, so go check out what chicagoist is grateful for and then love on this stuff, too …

~~ walking down michigan avenue late at night when no one’s around with a light snow falling and the cmas lights lit

~~ despite all the heartache about it lately, being able to get just about anywhere in the city without a car

~~ all the great independent coffee/tea shops where you can talk and read and write for hours with no attitude/hassle from people

~~ a skyline that never fails to take my breath away from just about any angle … coming into the city from 94 on the north; coming around the bend from the dan ryan on the south side; straight away from the west on the eisenhower; running lake shore drive, especially coming in from the south all the way in from the museum campus; and how gorgeous it looks when i come flying in to o’hare at night all sparkles and glitters.

~~ lake michigan and lincoln park — two gems i *never* take full advantage of. i’m embarrassed about that.

~~all the great, inexpensive places to buy vegetables and fruits in the city — from farmers’ markets to stanley’s to little places in bridgeport and andersonville…

~~crazy characters and personas of chicago — riverace; jesus guy; the people on that island in wicker park; the preacher dude down by old navy who doesn’t want us to smoke; the bucket boys; the whistling, violin playing, one woman band; the guy who sketches people in the blue line; puppet bike; and so, so many more.

~~museum passes to check out at the library. hell, the whole library system!! kick ass stuff there.

~~ the decemberists at millienium park this year.
~~and the fact that i’m so spoiled to have so many wonderful, small venues to go see great musicians in (a fact realized when i go to see the same musicians at lolla, which i am also grateful is right in my fair city).

~~and i have to second the fact that igo rocks.

i’ll do my secondary personal gratitude list in a little bit. hope everyone enjoyed thanksgiving.


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