Bitchin’ and moanin’ but he’s still got my back

So even though I get all convinced that god 's punishing me For something Im doing or not doing, something inevitably happens that reminds me that I am still being taken care of. I received my fourth sprint phone by Fed ex and this baby is sweet. It's a palm crackberry thing and is pretty cool. I guess it's a pocket pc and it will make blogging easier and stuff. It's got a lot of cool features although it would be. much easier if i could just type. For instance that took me way too lonq to get out there. Stories: halloween cats/ typing speed /trick or treating /game show stuff / depression /what do I want to be when I grow up /grandma dreams /blah. this transcriber is so weird. I write on this thing And then it writes it for me. Okay. I'm done. This will probably look like trash online.


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