more will be revealed

so. i’ve got a job. i might even have two. the first was recommended to me by two friends in the program who work there. it’s an inbound call center for big companies who need help with initial HR phone recruiting. at first, i wasn’t excited. i was bummed about the pay and felt like it wasn’t more than a temp job. it’s not considered full-time … they don’t provide benefits, and you can’t work more than 40 hours a week.

but i realized a couple of things. it’s a great job for me. i’m great on the phone and i’m great at talking with people. it has super, super flexible hours and you basically make your own schedule. good for someone who doesn’t like to be at work at 8-9 a.m. and the fact of the matter is, i’ve been taken care of all summer, and i’ve been asking god to help me with my money situation. how desperately, hopelessly powerless i am over money. and how it’s killing me. and how it literally will kill me. if i end up homeless or desperate enough to make bad decisions or want to end it all or something if i get so poor or hopeless or something crazy.

and i clearly heard god speak to me. i need to get right-sized and remain teachable (two great definitions of humility that i’ve learned) and just do good work and show up and start to pay off some debt (slowly, slowly) and make a budget and stick to it and things will work out. i may not have everything i want, but i will most certainly have everything i need. and then i had a friend call and offer me the possibility of another job. so it looks like i might be able to work two jobs instead of one, which might sound worse, but it’s really better in my opinion.

oh, did i mention there’s no internet access at the phone job?! 🙂 my higher power is a funny, funny thing.


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