think what you want

but i know dogs smile. plain and simple. my friend, ninjagrl, was in town and we were walking up clark street in search of some thai food. and we were talking and i couldn’t help but to notice a super smusser (just like most people do about babies), and i looked down and i said something to him (i could kind of tell he was a him) and i said, “look at that super smussing dog” or something equally smussy.

and i am NOT joking. the dog was just walking along with his mom and was just focused on what was ahead of him doing his dog thing and was probably pretty happy and stuff. but that dog fucking looked at me and opened his mouth and smiled. a good smile, too. a really nice, super happy smile. and i laughed and i said, “you canNOT tell me that dogs don’t smile. that dog smILEd at me.” and his mom laughed as she walked by (he had sort of a pointy snout — less pointy than a greyhound but more pointy than a beagle …like a beagle/greyhound mix — long snout/rounded at the end), and ninjagrl agreed. the dog definitely smiled at me when i talked to him. her. dogness.


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