why bother?

sometimes i see people moving their electric toothbrushes around. not like moving them around to different parts of their mouths. i mean scrubbing with them. isn’t this missing the point of an electric/motorized toothbrush?

granted, i have a badass electric toothbrush. it is one of the two best christmas presents my sister ever gave me. she gave me that and a kick ass homemade fleece blanket. you know the ones. they’re kind of everywhere now. but she gave me one when they were sort of still ‘cutting edge’ (that’s funny), and it is big and warm and fucking rocks ass, people.

but back to the toothbrush. mine kicks ass because it’s not a supersonic waterpik or whatever, but it’s a dental grade braun and has a plug in receptacle. and it’s pretty hardcore. i think i had a few before this, and this thing wipes the floor (or the teeth) with them. it has a two minute timer and i take it to the limit every time.

it’s powerful enough that when i rock it up to the gum line, it feels like a decent facsimile of a dentist’s spinner and it feels like it’s getting some scrubbin’ done. but if i moved that thing and scrubbed it besides, i think i’d ruin the bristles, yo. not to mention, i probably already hold it too hard to my teeth the way it is. so let the brush do your work for you! that’s my unsolicited and unfounded PSA.


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