life is good

my sporting life is pretty fucking good, yo. we’ll save the best for last, shall we? so let’s start with the packers. last year, i was really rooting for brett to go out on a high note. beating the bears on new year’s eve seemed just fine. beating the super bowl bound team on new year’s eve and leaving people wanting more? getting a little emotional? walk away, dude. things were a little shaky there. you were one of the best players ever (see the record books), you never missed a game, you are a hero.

but he came back. and i was scared. oh, how i doubted you. i’m sorry, brett. i’m sorry. we’re 4-0. brett looks better than ever. he’s breaking records left and right. maybe you should retire after you win a super bowl? maybe THAT’s what you should do. yeah. maybe that’s it. how pissed do you think dan marino is, by the way?

okay. now, back to the main event. the cubs are the national league central division champions. their rally is going on RIGHT NOW! whooooo! fucking awesome. we look good and we feel good. of course, i’m a little reserved, but i think that’s our fucking problem. we need to take our collective consciousness, and stop fucking around. get rid of the hesitation and put all our positivity and love and faith behind this team. hells yeah. let’s do this thing!

go SBUC!

p.s. i was at the store last night and i said, i better start collecting papers now. and on the hanging on to things that don’t matter, i realized that i have all these papers from ’03. and i said to the person i was with … i have all those papers from ’03. i don’t know why i’m hanging on to those. i don’t know what they memoralize. heartbreak?


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