hey, mr. schulter!

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hey, mr. schulter!, originally uploaded by smussyolay.

see this? this is the beginning of the end, gene. the birth of the scary sinkhole

but the picture above is the natural progression of what it comes to when you don’t do anything about a road that is sinking unto itself. however, this is what it looked like when i came into to notify your staff and was told that ‘if there was spray paint, it’s being taken care of.’ yet, for the months that it’s been a mess, it’s NOT been taken care of.

in fact, it’s probably been a month since THIS picture (the “CAVE IN” picture) was taken. what’s it going to take, gene? huh? i thought you aldermen had some sort of secret santa jesus like powers. so get to it, man. help a sister out. before my sinkhole phobia takes over.


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