ovah-heard, i said

yesterday, i was on the brown line on the way home from work and there was this guy standing way in my personal space.  however, he and the two girls he was with were engaging in some lively post-work discussion.  i turned my point of focus to them to find them talking about his boat and such.  then, the one girl asked the other two if they had a choice between a boat and a plane, which would they choose to have for their very own?
they bantered about some pros and cons (plane is faster, but you need a ‘driver …’  they laughed … ‘a pilot, you mean?’), and eventually settled on the idea that they’d enjoy a boat the most (expenses would be less all around).  then, he posited the idea that if you had a boat, would you have a day or time where you would make it mandatory that anyone who came on your boat would be required to be naked (guy, much?)?  a naked day, if you will? 

they all bantered this about and then they decided maybe it would be best to have a naked  hour, perhaps the last hour of the day … so that you could make people leave right after.  besides, where would they sit!?  needless to say, this all was fairly hilarious to me — it’s brainstorming in action!  i will admit, that i was NOT hilariously yet strangely and weirdly mesmerized by this symbol* she was wearing both on a necklace AND tattooed on her foot that i couldn’t quite place.
*researching for this post, i find it’s a triquetra, which seems to have many meanings for many people ranging from three overlapping pisces symbols (!!!), celtic, wiccan, pagan, christian trinity, etc**.   i have so many tattoo ideas right now, but i really like the cross made of triquetras at the bottom of the wiki page.
**according to jesus-is-savior.com The Triquetra is an ancient “Triple-Goddess” symbol, of triangulate form, made popular recently by the TV show “CHARMED.”  The Triquetra, (from a Latin word meaning “three cornered”) is a disguised interlocked trio of sixes and a graphic form of 666.  It is Celtic and symbolises amongst other things, the triple goddess of Wicca (three interlocked vesica Pisces together).  Commonly used for centuries in Catholic liturgical iconography, it has recently found it’s way as the official logo of the New King James Bible.  A typical representation of its corrupt content – no doubt!
….no doubt.  hee.  i still haven’t figured out all that illuminati/freemason shit.

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