bear with me*

i know i’m all office obsessed, especially after finishing season three last night (OH MY GOD!), but i was already started on this kick when i started at this temp job, because there is someone here that looks like pam’s (jenna fischer) twin. and naturally, since i’m “the temp” (b.j. novak’s character, ryan), it seemed natural that my thoughts would start to turn to my working in an office and “the office.”
well, after watching more episodes with jim’s new love interest, karen, i realize there’s a karen here (voice, dress, mannerisms).  and then, today, i saw there’s an angela (accounting, blond hair, proper)!  and i realized that one of the principals that is always super friendly, goes out of his way to say hi to me and call me by name …… well, that’s michael scott!  duh.
so funny.  i’m glad i didn’t discover a kelly to my ryan.
*to all of you who think i’m speaking martian, i apologize.  for all of you who understand, thank you.


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