what happened?!?

maybe it was a lingering adrenaline high from rocking out ‘summer of ’69’ at live band karaoke at piece on saturday night. as i was walking out, two of the employees were hugging each other (i have no idea what the context was — they seemed to be joking about something).  as they pulled away, the one guy said (also jokingly), “sorry about that.”
and then, it happened.  the sentence i couldn’t take back.  i shrugged my shoulders and said, “do what you gotta do, bro.” and i walked out. and then i screamed inside my head … I JUST SAID BRO!  why would i say that!?!?  why would i non-ironically call someone BRO?  what the fuck just happened to me!? 
i almost wanted to walk back in and apologize.  shit. i have no clue what happened.

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