addiction addiction

i am so fucking hooked on the office.  ridiculously so. maybe i’m just living out my minor desires to have a sig other through jim and pam. maybe it’s because i’ve SO been in the unrequited love place in my life so many times.  maybe it’s because i’ve been in the never the right place, never the right time thing before.  i don’t know.
but i’m borrowing season three from a friend and i find myself thinking about it at work and i found some stuff on youtube to hold me over and then …. i decided to look up something that i have never done before.  stuff i thought was fucking ridiculous. stuff i thought was relegated to way crazy, obsessive harry potter and buffy fans.
office “fanfiction.”  of course, it’s by and large about jim and pam (or JAM, as they’re referred to.  why did we have to do this tomkat crap?).  i think i’m going to indulge myself for a bit and see how good these people are ….
sick, sick, sick i am.  i know. leave me alone.  the new season starts this week, and my friend says that he’ll burn me copies.  YAY!

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