trying to overcome writer’s block

i feel like now that i have all this time and a computer, i should be cranking out the blog posts.  maybe we’ll do another question/answer session.  if you have a question for me, write it in the comments and we’ll (we’ll? sometimes, i still get into chicagoist mode) get crackin’ on that. 
i think of things that i want to blog about all the time and then i forget to write them down or my computer goes dead or something.  i just read this great buddhist stuff from pema chodron about breathing and not having to make everything ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’ that’s hard, folks.  a lot of the stuff i read can be smussed right up with the 12 steps. that’s cool.  it makes me know that i’m headed in the right direction.
blah. i don’t know what to write.  not a great thing for a blog.

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