random time

*cubs spoiler* the cubs had like 7 homeruns this afternoon … AND jacque jones literally stole a homerun from a dude with this great leaping catch. rock on.

i think that breakfast with any substance is restaurant food. i don’t have anything big enough to make decent hash browns. i often don’t have juice at the ready. bacon is a pain in the ass, even with the microwave scene. i don’t ever have english muffins. there’s no way in hell i’m making a skillet/hobo thing. and french toast or pancakes are doable, but it’s so much better to have them made for you. so, breakfast … out.

i saw that “full house” was on tv last night on some nick at nite or tv land or something. and i just hated the idea of it. but then i thought about it, and let’s face it. i’m sure most of you were gallavanting around on a friday night, but i pretty much remember watching most of that series. i saw it jump the shark when uncle jesse gets married and then eventually has kids. horrible. but i remember it all. could we have had any clue that the olsen twins were going to be such sad cases? the fact of the matter is, being famous that young HAS to do something to you. drew barrymore (glad she pulled out of the spiral), the coreys, leif garrett, dana … whatever her name was from “different strokes” (shit that whole cast save for mr. drummond and the housekeeper were fucked), danny bonaduce, britney spears … there’s a list of them. all end up in bad ways. some of them end up avoiding it OR maybe even better, going there and coming through to the other side.

i’m going to the green tie ball this weekend. it’s a fancy charity event, and i’m going to cover it for chicagoist. pretty fun. i hope it’s nice and not too overwhelming. i think it will be nice to mix and mingle.


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