#36 Hard Habit To Break

Holy crap.  Without even looking at the lyrics or anything yet, I can say that I LOVED this song.  I had Chicago’s Greatest Hits 1982-1989 (natch at that time).  Aside from my so-so-ness about “Look Away,”  this album ruled.  I still never really got the “we’re trying to go back to our roots” horn interlude at the end of this one.  It always came as a shock to the system, especially since the radio edit did *not* have it.
But, oh, how I love Peter Cetera (1) Chicago.  Even though many people rip him and his slow songs (2) for the decline of Chicago, I have love in my heart for both periods.  I didn’t even know how much Chicago I really knew until my best friend in high school and I went to the Wisconsin State Fair and watched Chicago perform.  Then they busted out with all the old horn stuff and I realized I knew much more Chicago than I realized.  It was one of those slightly embarrassing moments when I realized that my musical knowledge was just going to expand from here.
Much more embarrassing was when someone referenced that they thought it was HI-larious when people didn’t know that Bob Dylan sangKnockin’ On Heaven’s Door, ” instead of Eric Clapton.  In my head, I was recoiling, because … I didn’t even know Eric Clapton sang a version.  To me, it was all Axl, all the time.  Sigh.
(1) who apparently now looks like a George Hamilton/Jeff Conaway hybrid.
(2) I also completely swooned at “Glory of Love,”(3) and his two wonderful duets, “After All” with Cher and “Next Time I Fall” with Amy Grant.  Man, I’m a sucker for this shit. I surprised my friend, Dillan, by busting out with all the words and subtlties of “After All” earlier this year.  Hilarious, to be sure.


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