this and that

i’m at a temp job today.  blogger is blocked.  youtube is not.  myspace is blocked.  facebook is not.  blah.  but i can still blog from my email, which is good.  so, here i am.
in reality, i have so much to catch up on — music stuff to write and whatnot.  my brain is really fried.  my meds are messed up and i’m out of sorts.  i don’t know what’s what.  meterological fall and it getting noticeably darker out is definitely making me a little blah.  money/job stuff.  feeling extremely lonely in regards to not having more close friends in chicago.  being out of sorts with breaking up with a friend and all of the ramifications that come with that.
but physically, my body is wack.  i was up until 4 am on sunday night, and i pretty much slept most of monday away.  i got up and chaired my monday night 10:15 pm meeting, which was a real blessing. and then i went home to go back to sleep so i could get up in the 6 o’clock hour to leave my house by 7 for this temp job to start at 8.
i feel really out of it and sleepy and disconnected and totally unmotivated in every way.  i hate it.  did i mention my neck feels like it’s made of wood?  waaaah.
i’ll try to get something more cohesive and exciting up next.

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