i’m running blogher ads. i went to the blogher conference .. let’s see, i still have to write about that, the decemberists, lollapalooza … yeah. good times. wonder why i don’t get paid to write just yet.

although… fountains of wayne at the double door last night was AMAZING. i saw them at the taste of randolph earlier this year and it was good, but it could have been better. they could have played, ‘denise,’ for instance. well, once again i proved that being patient and courteous pays off.

the first time was a long ass time ago when dan wilson came to schuba’s and did a solo gig. and at one point, i literally raised my hand and said, “would you play “falling?”‘ and he said i asked politely and that he would. YAY.

i was rocking ass last night (my neck hurts SO FUCKING BAD today) and then an inspiration struck me …. i grabbed a piece of paper, wrote “DENISE?” on it and then stuck it up by adam schlesinger. then, when appropriate, i yelled out encouragingly, “will you PLEASE play denise?” chris had his acoustic on and said, “you’re an amazing audience. so amazing we are going to play things we don’t play.” my heart skipped a beat, but with him holding the acoustic, i was a little nervous. they sang “you curse at girls,” and then adam and chris had a mini pow-wow and chris switched out his acoustic for an electric …. and i was sha-la-laing my way through a wonderful version of ‘denise.’ YAY.

however, that concert digression aside, i went to a blogging conference for women at the end of july and it was great and i will tell you more about it, but what you need to know right now is that they have ads that will pay me money and way better paying and decent ads than “adsense” which are google ads and look dumb. so, you’ll still have to *sort of* ignore them (but if you’d click through one or two of them every time you read, i get some juice), but they should be kind of okay. at least, that’s what i’m telling myself. in my eyes, it’s going to be one of the first parts of my ‘branding’ the smussyolay.

so, that’s that. drop a note to the management if you have issues.


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