randoms and overheards

so, nbc is bringing back ‘american gladiators.’ is it too weird that i’d be more excited to see that than the new ‘bionic woman?’

the new heroes commercial is like a music video. intense.

bill murray got arrested for driving drunk on a golf cart. pigeon crap may have contributed to the collapse of the MN bridge. and there was a tropical storm/hurricane named flossie. ah, life in the oughts.


“i am NOT your GOOGLE!”

“so, i’m living in the closet with the lion …”

girl 1: “did you hear me laughing at the most inappropriate moment ever?”
girl 2: “that’s the story of your life.”

“0 is not a size! it’s the absence of numbers! then there’s DOUBLE ZERO? are you fucking kidding me? no one wants to fuck a boy unless they’re gay … keep the boobs, people!”


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