papers corrected

Okay. Time for the answers to the quiz. There were some trick/y questions in there …

Question #1 what is my favorite color?
blue Correct!

no doubt, but is my favorite color. the others listed are favorites, too … but blue always takes the cake.

Question #2 what is my favorite kind of car?
porsche Correct!
something classic Incorrect

this was a tricky question. all of the cars i listed above are sort of kinda my favorite. the reason i’ve left the incorrects on some of them, are because they were widely incorrect with the same incorrect answer. porsches have been my favorite cars since i knew i wanted to have a fancy ass car. i’d love to have a convertable boxster or something. i LOVE classic cars like nobody’s business, but even though i love to watch them go by, i wouldn’t really want to drive all of them. like some of those big ass caddies or something. even in the classic, i mostly like small, hot cars. but it’s true, i love a great, old classic car.

Question #3 where was i born?
janesville, WI
wind lake, WI Incorrect
sheboygan, WI
milwaukee, WI Correct!

again, tricky. i was physically born at st. joseph’s hospital in milwaukee, wi. wind lake is my hometown.

Question #4 what’s my dad’s name?
jon Correct!

and if you want to be in his good graces, don’t spell it with an ‘h’!

Question #5 what breed is the dog my family used to have?
labrador retriever
standard poodle Correct!
german shepherd
cocker spaniel

german shepherds and airedales are the top two dogs i would want to own (or various variety of square dogs), but i have a special place in my heart for the standard poodle. smussy.

Question #6 what was my family dog’s name?
jonnie Correct!

my dad was pissed, but as i recall there was something on jonnie’s pedigree that led us to that name. most everyone calls my dad by his proper name, jon, but his personal family (aunts/uncles/grandma) called him johnnie/jonnie a lot. oh well. he got over it, but he also tended to call him gasbag (sung to the tune of ‘lassie’).

Question #7 what is my cat’s name?
sylvia plath
flannery o’connor Correct!
george eliot
margaret mead

i named her in an effort to please my then current boyfriend, because he really dug flannery o’connor. i did too, from what i remembered about her. but who can resist calling someone flan (fl-aan. not flahn)?

Question #8 what is my favorite reality show?
little people, big world Correct!
miami ink Incorrect

hmmm. not sure what to make of this. many people answered miami ink. i think i’ve written about it here before, but for full value, i have to go with the roloffs. i just watched the debut episode of LA ink, and i gotta say, it’s cool that we have two chicago chicks on the show (guess i’ll never get my tat from kim saigh), but all in all, the first show was kind of a dud for me. i’ll definitely check it out again, though. wonder what the boys in miami think.

Question #9 how many siblings do i have?
one Correct!

just one, jennifer dee — i call her jenny, my dad calls her ‘fer girl’ sometimes. which of course if you don’t know what’s what, sounds like ‘fur girl.’ sort of like when i was small and sort of had a weird way of speaking and my taunts of ‘deaf baby’ sounded like ‘death baby.’ nice.

Question #10 who is my favorite beatle?
paul Correct!

i always want to be cool and say john, or even more indie and say george, but guess what? just like i don’t like sushi (and that’s not to say i don’t like john … sort of a bad comparison), i realized that i don’t have to be ‘cool’ and say john. i love paul and i want part of ‘i’ve just seen a face’ tattooed on my back.

Question #11 who is the biggest influence on my personality?
my mom
my uncle
my sister
my dad Correct!

no one really had a problem with this. freudian, i guess.

Question #12 what is my favorite tom robbins novel?
still life with woodpecker
skinny legs and all Correct!
jitterbug perfume
half asleep in frog pajamas

if you don’t know much about my love for tom (not tim) robbins, this may have been a guess for many people.

Question #13 what do i value most?
honesty Correct!

lots of people picked intelligence. i don’t know. this was also sort of a trick question, because i definitely want all of these things in a sigoth, but when it boils down to it, i think honesty is most important, because it leads to real communication, where intelligence and humor and romanticism can shine through.

Question #14 what would i rather do with my free time?
go to the beach
go to the movies
go to church
go see a band i really love Correct!

no problems here.

Question #15 what is my favorite time of day?
7 p.m. — 12 a.m. Correct!
12 p.m. — 5 p.m.
6 a.m. — 11 a.m.
4 p.m. — 9 p.m.

no problems here.

Question #16 what’s my worst phobia?
vomiting Correct!
big signs
needles Incorrect

okay. again. this was sort of tricky. i have been terribly afraid of needles for most of my life. and we all know about my hatred of tumbleweeds (big signs also is a phobia i have). but i got over my main fear/phobia of needles after i got my tattoo. yet, thinking of throwing up, watching someone throw up, smelling throw up, imagining myself make myself throw up are all absolutely abhorrent to me. i will avoid at all costs. it’s why i’d cut myself off much earlier than i would have if i ever hit the ‘i think i might throw up’ wall when drinking. just can’t do it. can’t have it. period.

Question #17 what was my grandma’s name that i was closest to?
ruth Correct!

you have to know me pretty well to get this one.

Question #18 where is the first place i want to travel abroad?
london Correct!

this is kind of weird. i think most people got this right, and i didn’t quite know how. cause of my love of english music? because i’m a total swooner for an british accent? i don’t know, but kudos.

Question #19 what is my favorite number?
5 Correct!

a true giveaway if you read this blog AT ALL.

Question #20 what is my favorite place to be kissed?
neck Correct!

again, another one that nearly everyone got right, but i wasn’t sure why you all picked it. because i’ve talked about it (i don’t know)? because it seems logical? whatever.


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