late to the game as usual

i’ve been vicariously watching ‘the office’ with my roommate. meaning that he watches and sometimes i join him. of course, just like my experience with the simpsons, (what is this? everyone loves it? i don’t have the desire to check it out?) i am completely in love, i get why everyone loves it, and i’m completely in love with jim. and pam. of course.

fuck. i need to rent these for myself. i wonder how much of the show is improvised. totally fucking hilarious, but i’m sure i’m not telling you anything.
catrell pukes and someone one asks him what’s wrong. he says he’s on medicine. they ask what kind … he says “vomicillin.” great.

guy on train: “i haven’t been to the dentist in like 10 years.”
girl: “really!?!?”
guy: “my teeth are okay, aren’t they?”
girl: “i don’t know, you haven’t been to the dentist for 10 years!”

just saw an anti-drug ad that tells that most meth labs are found by “concerned citizens and informants.” they show a guy eating something looking out his window. then the whole side of the house blows in in a big explosion and the guy says “the others find us.” what? does that scare me into ratting on meth labs? does it scare me that my house might blow up? no, i thought it was fucking stupid.

i had something else, but i can’t remember it.


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