gen Y is so self-absorbed

it happened again. right in the mailroom. this guy was talking about how he was going to halsted market days this weekend. i piped up and said that taylor dayne was headlining. he got really stoked and then the girl he was talking to said, “who’s taylor dayne?” and then he told how she didn’t know what jem was and she said that he made her watch it on youtube.

he started lamenting about people born in the 80s, and then i piped back in with how i’ve met people who didn’t even know what fantasy island was. she went, ‘what’s fantasy island?’ seriously? wow. no knight rider, no nothing.

as i mentioned to him, i knew TONS of stuff about my parents’ music, movies, cultural references that happened before me. shit, i even knew about things that were my parents’ parents’ stuff. glenn miller, swing, etc.

it blows my mind that a 33 yr. old can feel so old when people act like my past doesn’t exist at the same time my whole childhood is fashionable. sheeeit.


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