sniff sniff

i’m going up to my parents’ house this weekend for the 5th annual WI campout. it was originally scheduled to say goodbye to my friend, paige, who was leaving for africa shortly.

we still do it every year, though. none of the subsequent ones have rivalled the first, but it’s nice to get up there and get away and allow some city dwellers to have a wee bit of country.

however, yesterday i was sneezing a lot and didn’t think *too* much of it, other than how weird that i was sneezing all day. but last night, i was on a good, long phone call to a great friend and toward the end, i realized i had to cough a couple of times because my throat was getting scratchy. all of a sudden, i thought … scratchy throat, sneezing … crap. i might be getting minorly sick.

i woke up this morning with a stuffy nose, but i wasn’t doing so horribly. when i went to put on my deodorant, though, i felt a mothball sized lump in my right armpit. and it hurt. i thought … oh no! the cancer’s finally gotten me. and then i realized, duh. that’s actually what it feels like when your glands are swollen. and then i was happy, because i knew my body had sent out the troops. yay!

i got to work and drank an ‘airborne/walborne’ thing, which i had previously eschewed for whatever reason. but they don’t taste that bad, which is what i think i was afraid of. i’m a little warm and a wee bit achy, but i think it might be okay all in all. i’ll have some more walborne later. god knows, my dad’s main remedy for being sick is to drink OJ like a mofo.

we’ll see if my tricked out version works.


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