i’m bummed out

i normally enjoy the panic blog very much. but the other day, i read something that made me sad.

apparently, tom snyder is dead. man, i haven’t thought about that guy forever. and truth be told, i have a vague memory of watching ‘the tom snyder show’ on tv*. so vague, that i’m not sure if i was small or in my 20’s. 20’s, i think. because i used to find it pretty funny that he was so goofy and sometimes seemed a little drunk.

*actually, it was ‘the late late show,’ and since it was in 95, i guess i was in my 20’s.

if you look at the wiki entry (second link), he was a really prominent figure to tv, talk shows, and interviews. many comedians paid him tribute. i wish i could have seen those. maybe i’ll hit up youtube in awhile.


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