i want to meet rob dyrdek very badly.

so after i talked about the mini-horse on ‘rob and big,’ pinky said she liked the show and so i started watching it. i fucking love this shit. it reminds me of hanging out with two different people in my life — this guy, mike d. (not the beastie boys) and this other guy, jeremiah. mike d. i hung out with in a group of friends for some years. this dude, jeremiah, i knew for as long as i lived with my roommate from st. louis.

they both have catchphrases or things they tend toward saying. that are pretty fucking hilarious. in real life, neither jeremiah or mike d. were that laid back, but rob dyrdek most certainly seems like it … most of the time.

he’s like mike d. and jeremiah in that he seems to be constantly speaking his truth, trying new things, and just putting his shit out there. jeremiah was more of a goof, and mike d. has the ‘i need to crack the whip on drama’ persona — and the i know what i want and i’m going to arrange things until i get it. did i mention they both are masters of the bet?

i’m not sure how he and big hooked up originally, but they’re perfect for each other. both are smart and hilarious and just goofy sometimes. but as i watch him try on wigs to be “bobby lyte,” and crack himself up, i am completely taken. swoonsville. not to mention that his wiki entry says that he’s from ohio, but he has this great light southern accent that is fucking killer.

a guy with a mini-horse, a great sense of humor and a great lilt. what more could i want? : )

p.s. did i mention that one of his sponsors is red bull?

–i can’t be his friend on myspace right now because the computer i’m on can’t deal with the site, but i’m doing it and i’m telling him what i think. too bad he probably doesn’t read his own shit. oh well. when i’m enthusiastically happy about something, i talk about it.


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