as just previously related

well, where do i start? it was mega hot and sunny and even though i was in the lake every day when i was a kid and tanned just fine. i don’t really ever remember wearing a ton of sunscreen after a certain browning point. then again, i think we had more ozone then.

anyway, i had to keep on strict vigil not to get ruined by the fire that was the sun. i did a pretty good job.

so. the fratellis — they were great, as i expected. can’t wait to see them in a smaller venue.

also, i always forget until i go to one of these festivals that i am very spoiled to be living in a city where i get to see all my favorite bands in really small venues. i bitch when i have to see someone at the aragon.

anyway ….

then local darlings chin up chin up, who i remember opening up for rogue wave a while back, but their sound sounded different than i remembered. they weren’t bad by any stretch, but i was a little disappointed.

i heard a bit of soulive waiting for son volt. truthfully, i wish i had heard their set. again, what i remember about son volt wasn’t so much what i got. so, i moved across the field and continued to listen while i waited in the front row for the polyphonic spree. my friend, sarah, who performs in the chicago tap theater, performed on stage with them.

i left 1/2 way through the set, because the waiting plus the not really being able to use my umbrella meant that i was a little suncashed.

sparklehorse was next up — they were recommended to me by someone who knows my music preferences. i heard two low tempo songs, but i had passed electric six on the way and they were really good, so i went back and listened to them.

i had sort of a break before i came back for blonde redhead, and i didn’t really have cash so i went to the ATM, expecting a high fee, but $3.75 was WAY uncool. so, i decided to go to my bank and on the way back i stopped at chipotle for a delicious burrito bol.

and then i set off for blonde redhead, who i really didn’t enjoy. i went back over to the other side (so much walking!) to see the black keys and ended up hearing the last part of g love and special sauce (who i have heard about for YEARS) and wish i had seen his whole set.

black keys were pretty straightforward rock and i probably would have enjoyed them more if i saw them at double door or something. but i went back over to the other side for LCD soundsystem.

holy fucking shit. this shit was amazing. i want to see them about a million more times.

then a bit of daft punk (good!) and then to see ben harper because an old friend of mine was always diggin’ him. i should have stayed for daft punk.

and then i dragged my sorry ass home on the brown line.


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