time to get this show on the road

well, *my* show, not their show. i’m getting ready to pack and head off to lollapalooza. i’ve been all the other times it was in chicago (2), and i’m really looking forward to this weekend.

however, i’m paranoid about getting sunburned rather than tan, so i’m going to keep a really close eye on that, and i’m also a little worried about staying cool/hydrated. i’ll have to keep a close eye on that, too. because just like the last two years, it’s going to be hotasssunny. but, it might rain tomorrow and sunday a bit, and i’m sure i won’t be too sad if that happens.

the other thing i clearly remember from last year is coming home a little beat up, physical wise. lots of walking. although, like last year, a lot of my bands come up in the same area around the same time. so that’s cool. there’s a lot of grass and gravel, so bringing my scooter wouldn’t really help. plus, you’re not allowed to anyway. it’s good, it would end up being a pain in the ass really quickly.

check out who i am planning to see after the jump …

the fratellis
chin up chin up (local)
son volt
the polyphonic spree (my friend and her tap company are going to be on stage with them)
blonde redhead
the black keys
lcd soundsystem
ben harper and probably some of daft punk. (i have never seen either, and both come recommended)

pete yorn
silverchair (maybe)
rhymefest (on recommendation)
clap your hands say yeah vs. the roots (probably the roots)
regina spektor vs. the hold steady (hard call … may depend on location)
snow patrol
spoon (a band i’ve heard so much about, but don’t know their music)

rodrigo y gabriela (totally looking forward)
david vandervelde (going to try and catch, but i think he’s mostly up against RyG)
amy winehouse
paolo nutini (up against blue october, who i’ve heard some buzz around)
kings of leon (up against iggy and the stooges, who i might try and catch depending on location and because they’re so legendary)
peter, bjorn and john (really want to see them, but they’re also up against yo la tengo and !!! — both of which i’ve heard a lot about)
modest mouse
cafe tacuba
pearl jam



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