that’s why she’s craaaazy …

even though i’ve been starting work at 10 a.m., you might guess that i still am not very awake in the morning, being that i’m a night owl. so i was shocked to be rudely awakened from my glazed reading of the red eye to hear a young asian woman (there’s a reason i’m noting this) swearing at the older woman (who later revealed herself to have some sort of eastern european accent as well) sitting next to her. i mean, “get the fuck off me,” “don’t touch my bag,” “my bag isn’t fucking touching you …” that sort of shit.

crazy. apparently, the woman sat down next to her (she was bitching on her cell phone the whole time) and slid her bag over. whoa. first of all, you’re on the el. it’s called PUBLIC transportation. get the fuck over yourself.

then, she proceeds to sit on her cell phone ripping on the woman and being totally shitty, all f-bomb and spite. i was already getting pissed and was ready to tell her to get some manners and respect her elders. but i didn’t. then, a woman got up out of one of the single seats on the brown line and the other lady moved.

but the angry young woman KEPT ON with her terrible talk … which amounted to harrassment/assault, in my opinion. and i finally looked at her over my paper and said loudly, “that is ENOUGH.” well, i could tell from her previous psychoness she wasn’t going to take that very well. i got a “are YOU TALKING TO ME?” to which i replied yes. and then i got a few “go fuck yourself”s. crazy fucking bitch.

i almost called 911 on her. she was that fucking crazy. she gets off at belmont. i really wanted to call and rat her out for being such a crazy shithead. well, the *moment* she gets off, this -other- woman speaks up and starts getting crazy, too. she looked hispanic, but when she started talking, she also sounded asian. and she started … “she’s a fucking crazy korean. you should’ve told her to go back to her country (she’s saying this to the older woman)! you should have punched her in the face. they should all get kicked out. you should have told her it’s YOUR country. i would have kicked that bitch’s ass. she should go to fucking jail ….” etc. etc.

huh? so a korean (?) woman who was fucking hateful rips the shit out of an older immigrant (?) and then this other asian (?) woman goes berserk about the situation telling us all that they (?) should get rounded up and get kicked out of the country.

what the motherfuck. i found it extremely ironic that i was the only WASP involved. but that first chick was definitely the tops as far as insane. i really still wished i would have called the train/cops on her ass. make her think about assaulting someone verbally in the future. crazy. gotta love the cta.


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