this post is going to be about my discussion of the new/last ever harry potter book. if you don’t want to read spoilers, do NOT click through. REPEAT: if you don’t want spoilers, do NOT click through. i was pretty keen not to see/hear any, and i did pretty well. so, again, i respect it if you do NOT want to read SPOILERS about harry potter and the deathly hallows. so, do NOT read the rest of this if you don’t want to hear/see them. okay? okay? enough warning? okay.

so. should i go right to the end? that’s where it all goes down, anyway. the things i want to talk about. i’m so glad that snape was a good guy in the end.

however …. for all the christians that hate this book/character/series … could this thing have been any more jesus christ-ish? seriously. and again, as joseph campbell and star wars have proven, there are universal archetypes and myths that go from the beginning of time until now. no doubt.

but this just seemed such a ridiculous rip-off of the resurrection story. snape = judas … a man destined to do harm to ‘good,’ yet needed in every aspect. who knew what his fate was and played the part perfectly.

and this harry dies but comes back because he was so willing to face his death/executioners with nothing but surrender, grace and dignity? the idea that he was willing and ready, yet scared at the same time? the idea that he had these really great friends who supported him the whole way (disciples), but he had to face his death alone?

hermione = mary magdalene
ron = john

anyone?? anyone?? i’m all cool with jesus and shit, but doesn’t this seem pretty cliche?

who cares. i loved the book and i cried at the end. cried. both when he was facing death and at the end for good measure.

sucks that dobby had to die. i came to like that dude. also, when it said that major characters were going to die, i didn’t really see them being from the order of the phoenix (i thought hagrid and/or snape, who does die). i’m probably forgetting people. the death of fred weasley sucked, but it would have been way worse if it had been ginny, for instance.

cool about all the kids’ names and whatnot. the epilogue was cool.

all in all, it was a good mystery again and shone through with lots of moral/character lessons.

yay harry potter!


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