smussio and sick people

don’t quite know what to make of this. a large part of me thinks it’s really pretty cool. apparently, there’s a hospice center where 1. they have a cat and 2. he curls up near people just as they are about to die. he’s predicted quite a few deaths. something like 25.

here’s why i find this super nice. first of all, these people are dying. there’s no saving them. so, i can’t get too worked up about the death angle. in fact, if they are in hospice, it means they are not doing so well in the first place.

secondly, it seems that the nursing home is able to alert family members that death is close at hand when oscar chooses the next sick person for his comfort.

lastly, i see it as that comfort. a way for two spirits to be connected. maybe he’s letting them know that it’s okay and he’ll be there while they leave. i don’t know. i just like the idea that if i were on my way out, i’d have a little smussio by my side.

but that’s just me.


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