naked lady, come on down!

someone made a laugh in one of the comment sections that drew carey should sign off the price is rignt with “spay and neuter your strippers!” this gave me pause. i was going to write something about drew carey getting the job as host of the price is right, but i didn’t really know he had a stripper thing going.

apparently, he does. everyone seems to be talking about his new host duties *and* making fun of him for liking strippers.

odd. i know he’s a bigger man, but he’s also rich and famous, and while that’s not a great reason to fall for someone, i’d think he’d get ‘regular’ dates that way, AND he seems like a really cool guy and i know plenty of regular women who have no issue with a little extra weight. so?? strippers? seriously?

does he like the no strings attached/no pressure thing? does he like the fake boobs? does he like knowing he can get what he wants when he wants it? who knows.

i have plenty to say regarding strippers, but i can leave that for a secondary post.

and how awesome is it that price is right is so rockin’ that it just keeps on going. here’s my colleague from chicagoist, todd, cracking bob up.

here are some other funny things:
fucking ridiculous and hilarious reaction from bob
420 dude
guy from UW madison (the dance he does at the end is fucking killer. totally cracked my shit up.)
and some “priceless” moments


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